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My life dreams are to share my ancient knowledge and to recycle the fibers of the earth.


“When creating a custom rattle, I talk with you first
and then through dreams and prayer create your special piece." - Zelda

Deer Rib Rattle with bells, fur, and
leather trim - $78.00

Deer Rib Rattle with dew hooves, fur and leather trim - $88.00

Cowrie Shell Rattle - $20.00

Turtle Shell Rattle
small shell size 4-5”~ large shell size 5-7”

Hickory Nut Rattle (Seasonal: Please call to check on availability - $68.00

Bells with Tin Cones & Snake Skin (Please call for availability of snake skin) - $98.00

Buffalo Rib Rattle with deer hoof and bells - $135.00

Buffalo Rib Rattle with tin cones and bells - $125.00

Deer Hoof Rattle - $88.00

Round “Leather” Rattles - $15.00

Custom Rattles

Rattles are made from hickory nuts, bells with tin cones, deer hooves, deer dew hooves, and turtle shells. Each has leather and fur on the handle. You can choose from different furs: badger, buffalo, black bear, brown bear, mountain lion, rabbit, coyote, otter, snake, lynx, beaver, moose, skunk, red fox, artic fox, or muskrat. (Some supplies are seasonal and may not be available at all times.) Leather colors: cream, rust, brown, black, or white. Standard Rattles have brown or tan leather. Customization includes additional fees. *Please allow up to 2 weeks for Custom Made Rattles*

To Order Customized items, call 518-732-7440 or e-mail pinetree444@msn.com *custom orders may include extra charges

Please note: No animals have been killed for the direct purpose of creating drums, rattles, bags, or other sacred objects.These are all made from recycled fibers of the earth such as hickory nut shells, wood pounder handles from previously fallen trees; and hides, shells, dew hoofs, or other sacred materials have been obtained from either hunters, or suppliers who recycle products from animals used for food. Most furs are "second-hand" products that I recycle from previously made garments that would otherwise be discarded or destroyed.

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