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My life dreams are to share my ancient knowledge and to recycle the fibers of the earth.


Services and Sessions with Zelda Hotaling


Spirit Guided Healing Sessions ~ Throwing the Bones ~ Guided Meditation


Special Events ~ Drum Circles ~ Music ~ Storytelling ~ Workshops

Prices listed are within the local area - Castleton, NY. Additional charges for travel and lodging apply.


Rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit at the Tipi Lodge, Pine Lodge or in the 16' Tipi.   See our Accommodations page for more information.

Please contact me by phone 518-732-7440 or by email pinetree444@msn.com to book a service or session or for more information.


Are offered as needed to assist people in their spiritual journeys. I sit with you and Intuitively listen to your story as it unfolds (either in person or by phone). Through spirit guidance, this process helps gain clarity and move forward with better understanding. Sessions are offered at $120 an hour.

“Zelda takes what is happening in a session and uses it then and there to increase the healing process.” Fran Berger, L.M.T.


Come See What The Bones Tell You. It's a reading on where you are in your life's Journey.

By throwing the different animal bones, trinkets, shells, and coins in a circle it will show you the past and present. It also shows you where you are caught up in life. I will shed light on these moments to change your perspective in a positive way.

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A guided meditation uses sound vibration and the breath with crystal singing bowls, drums, and rainsticks. This encourages self healing by allowing the body to ground its energy, generating a state of peaceful bliss. I am available to provide Sacred music for various Ceremonies and events.


Schools, Camps, Scouts, Nursing Homes, Daycare Centers, Staff Training, Earth Celebrations

I can bring my 14’ Tipi and share items I have made that demonstrate recycling fibers from the earth & craft making.

Prices are not listed for special events as they are figured on an individual basis due to the many variables in location, travel expenses, number of participants, etc. I would be very happy to discuss your “special event” with you and to suggest an appropriate fee for activities, supplies, and services.


We will create a Drumming Circle in your space. My intention is to hold the peace, love, and compassion for all creation and that this will be a heart-opening and playful experience for all. Please bring your drums and rattles. I will bring drums and rattles for you to use if you do not have any.


Working with vibration and sound, in this 2 1/2 hour class, I will share how to use drums, rattles and crystal singing bowls in a healing modality and detect where the energy is blocked. Through this class you will have the experience to bring in the visions and the healing.


Through the art of storytelling we journey into life's lessons, hopes and dreams opening our hearts to the innocence of love. Storytelling helps us to lessen the burdens of life with laughter, joy and surprise.


In this 2-hour Smudge Class, I will talk about the properties of each plant, and their effect on the Body, Mind and Spirit. I will explain How and Why to combine them. We will Journey with each plant, to find its essence. The journeying will take you to the Spirit of each plant, where you will be able recognize the ones which call to you. You will build a relationship with the plants you are drawn to, and will be able to choose the proper ones for use in Blessing, Clearing and Prayer. You will take home a sample of each plant you connect with, and each of you will make your own small smudge pot.


In this 2-hour meditation class, we will come together as a community to heal ourselves and the Mother Earth through the vibrations of the Singing Bowls and the heartbeat of the Drum.

We will use the Bowls and the Drum to learn to communicate with the Inner Child. The Sacred Sounds will break up our negative thought patterns, which were developed throughout our Life Journey. We'll give ourselves permission to heal the inner child through Sounds, Toning, Chanting and Tapping our bodies where we feel the energies are stuck. We will create the possibility to heal the old feelings without experiencing the past traumas associated with them.


Please visit our Workshops section for details about Drum Making, Rattle Making and Creating a Keeper of the Earth Ancestor Doll, Personal Shield Creation, and Transformational Mask Making.


Please note: No animals have been killed for the direct purpose of creating drums, rattles, bags, or other sacred objects.These are all made from recycled fibers of the earth such as hickory nut shells, wood pounder handles from previously fallen trees; and hides, shells, dew hoofs, or other sacred materials have been obtained from either hunters, or suppliers who recycle products from animals used for food. Most furs are "second-hand" products that I recycle from previously made garments that would otherwise be discarded or destroyed.

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