Zelda Hotaling

Phone: 518 732-7440 or e-mail pinetree444@msn.com

My life dreams are to share my ancient knowledge and to recycle the fibers of the earth.

Zelda Hotaling

"Zelda is a Storyteller,
Drum and Rattle Maker,
Creator of Personal Shields,
Keeper of the Ancestor Doll and Creator of the
Sacred Dream Circles."

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Spring Equinox Celebration
March 17, 2018 6:00 PM

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Zelda's beautiful drums come in many sizes with a variety of hides used for the heads, and specialty designs or weavings.
See the Drum page for more information.

Turtle Shell Rattles, various Hand Drums, Turtle Rattles,
White Snake Skin Rattle with fur trim and fringe

Custom pieces are made upon request and are designed based on your intention for the creation. I am guided by Spirit during the creation of your dream.

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Welcome Sisters and Brothers!

Zelda Hotaling is raised in the Native American Traditions of the Mohawk people, The Haudenosaunee. Her family is from the Kahnawaka Reservation in Canada and she began receiving her teachings as a child with the Elders and building her relationship with Creator.

Zelda holds the Sacred Dream Circle project "SHIFTS HAPPEN". She uses Crystal Bowls, Drums and Rattles to promote healing through sound vibrations. Her gifts are Clairvoyance's and Spirit Guide Healing work.  Her dream and vision is being part of the amazing energy shift Mother Earth has manifested!

Calling to all who are yearning to learn respect, responsibility, love, kindness, fairness, honesty, sharing, and spirituality. Only by keeping to this path can we meet our responsibilities to ourselves and one another.

Zelda offers many modalities for healing and transformation through

  • Private or Group Spirit Guided Healing sessions
  • Throwing the Bones Sessions
  • Crystal Bowl Drumming Meditation
  • Developing your Intuition Classes
  • Making your own Drum, Rattles, and Mask Workshops
  • Celebrations of Equinox and Solstice and the Moon cycles
  • Children's Programs which may include Drumming, Storying, Creating, and Discovering the Magic of their own energy and Intuition
  • Custom pieces are designed based on your personal Vision
  • Tipis Available for your Events
  • Healing sessions by phone or in person

I trust that you will find something that “calls” you to a deeper connection with your spiritual self.


Please feel free to contact me by phone 518-732-7440
or by email: pinetree444@msn.com if you have any questions.

A Guided Meditation with
the 13 Sacred Dream Circles

13 Sacred Dream Circle Meditation
Zelda Hotaling leads you in a meditation as she speaks for each one of the 13 Sacred Dream Circles in a 1 hour mp3 recording...$9.99

Play Sample:

Buy 13 Sacred Dream Circles Meditation mp3

13 Sacred Dream Circles DVD
13 Sacred Dream Circles Meditation DVD
A one hour meditation slide show with Zelda Hotaling as she speaks for each of the Sacred Dream Circles...$15

The Bridge - Sacred Dream Circles

I hope you enjoy browsing these pages and maybe you will find a drum or rattle that sings to you...or decide to take a workshop to make your own. Please feel free to contact me by phone 518-732-7440 or by email pinetree444@msn.com if you have any questions.

Please note: No animals have been killed for the direct purpose of creating drums, rattles, bags, or other sacred objects.These are all made from recycled fibers of the earth such as hickory nut shells, wood pounder handles from previously fallen trees; and hides, shells, dew hoofs, or other sacred materials have been obtained from either hunters, or suppliers who recycle products from animals used for food. Most furs are "second-hand" products that I recycle from previously made garments that would otherwise be discarded or destroyed.

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