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My life dreams are to share my ancient knowledge and to recycle the fibers of the earth.


Sacred Dream Circle Project

The Sacred Dream Circles ~ The Project ~ Celebrations

Zelda’s original project, “Shifts Happen in 3’s 12/21/12 and Beyond” was born when she was inspired to create three 7' Dream Catchers adorned with 400 crystals. These symbols of unity would serve as portals of light which will activate the earth grid meridians and platelets, and in turn, awaken and align the human consciousness. This sacred light activation ceremony connected people all over the world by sending healing, love, and peace.

Since 2012, as these 7’ Sacred Dream Circles have been completed, the vision has outgrown “Shifts Happen”. Pictured here are the first 13 of The "21 SACRED DREAM CIRCLES" of The Great Open Door.

The Frequency of Love - As we circulate our breath it allows our hearts to open, to connect with Creator and the Mother Energy to Remember our  Love, Gratitude, and Thankfulness to Her. It opens our awareness to give Ourselves permission to Love.

Dream Circle #2 - Action
This one awakens your spirit to feel the frequency of love, and grounds you. It then circulates the breath through the system of your energy field on all dimensions and cellular levels.

Dream Circle #3 - Mover
The Heartbeat of the Earth pulsates and opens your heart to healing, bringing you back to remember where you came from. �The Mother Energy�

Healing Waters:
Healing Waters
Brings the Frequency of Love to the Waters and into our internal fluids to be healed.

Heaven Comes into Earth:
Dream Circle #5 Heaven comes to earth
Allows our energy channels to open to meet the mind of Creator, and connect with our Guides, Angels, and whoever we pray to.

New World:
Dream Circle #6 - New World
Aligns our Energy with Heaven and Earth, and gives us the opportunity to change thoughts, patterns, and imprints in our DNA.

Dreamtime, Walking in Two Worlds:
Tree of Life
Holds the Tree of Life. To drop away the cloaks that we put upon ourselves with fear, judgment, limitation, and separation, and to step forward into our full potential of who we are.

Nine Sacred Chambers:
Dream Circle #8 Nine Sacred Chambers
This is what aligns you to the Earth Star, your Seven Chakra System, and to the Heaven Star. Activate the energy to be connected, and to be able to walk in two worlds.

The Temple:
The Temple
The temple is your body. It reminds you of the sacredness of who you are, and that you are a Crystalline Child of Creator. We all have the sacred gifts of knowing.

The Chalice: The Chalice
Your sacred gifts of knowing fills your spiritual grail with the Frequency of Love. Drink up and enjoy the energy of the Mother, which connects up to the stars and beyond.

Also called The Milky Way, it is the bridge between the two worlds; Mother Earth and the Star Beings. It can be used to travel home to where we came from, and the place we’ve known before.

Also called The North Star. It guides you home. The Big Dipper and Small Dipper make sure nothing is left or forgotten.

Orion’s Belt:
Orions Belt
Opens up to all the Galaxies, and from this point you step forward and journey.

The Bridge:
Orions Belt
Contains the Milky Way, the North Star and Orion's Belt as you travel through the Bridge into the Stars.

The Project

The purpose of the 21 Sacred Dream Circles is to provide a medium that brings together people from all walks of life and cultures where they can become united in the goal of meaningful life and preservation of our earth. Symbols and crystals and other objects designate concepts within the art of each sacred circle. This facilitates the opening of pathways to healing, meditation and the beauty of our planet.

The Sacred Dream Circles are presented as an art form as well as an energetic healing medium to facilitate meditations and/or prayers of individuals or groups.

The Sacred Circles have been used at Solstice and Equinox Ceremonies as well as private healings. They are also celebrated as art forms. The impressive beauty of these works of healing art can be felt in full magnitude when they are presented in person. Photos only give a slight indication of their magnificence. The vision is to bring two or more of them together to select sacred spaces and celebrations for many people to experience.

Through this project, we are calling to all who are yearning to learn respect, responsibility, love, kindness, fairness, honesty, sharing, and spirituality. Only by keeping to this path can we meet our responsibilities to ourselves and one another.

These 21 Sacred Dream Circles will be traveling across the United States (which we call Turtle Island) to help humanity raise their frequency and consciousness as a collective whole. Contact Zelda for more info.

A Guided Meditation with
the 13 Sacred Dream Circles

13 Sacred Dream Circle Meditation
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13 Sacred Dream Circles DVD
13 Sacred Dream Circles Meditation DVD
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Giving Thanks

I give thanks and gratitude to Creator for allowing me to have the experience, strength and healing to bring forth this vision that has opened my heart and healed me to my own greater purpose; to light the way for others to open and heal unto themselves, to serve as a conduit between the Star Beings, the Creator and the people of the world so that they can find their greater purpose to embrace each other in peace and love.

The Journey

In 2011, I received a vision to create a seven-foot Dream Catcher. Once the first Dream Catcher was complete, I received a vision to create two more and then to offer ceremony on the end date of the Mayan Calendar, 12-21-12. This ceremony intended to activate a gateway for the community. The gateway was to serve as a portal to bring into the world new energies for greater opportunity and for healing ourselves and Mother Earth. Since that time, I received vision after vision, to create more Sacred Dream Circles, developing into this project of twenty-one circles in all, something I could have never before imagined. The Sacred Circles were completed in March of 2017. The project itself is a testament to the journey of anyone who dares to unfold the feeling of love and to be touched by its powerful healing. This journey has been one of healing to myself and others who have helped me along the way. These twenty-one 7’ Sacred Dream Circles serve as the Council of the Star Beings from the Blue Star and the Council of the Higher Power that is often known as the Creator, or in my inspiration, as The "Great Open Door". The Sacred Circles are shared in any and every community that feels the connection or the call to experience them. They bring with them their gifts of life’s energy and ask only that you remember your humanity and realize your purpose to bring love, unity, peace, compassion, sharing, truth, honesty, friendship, joy, and healing to the world. Enjoy this celebration today to meditate, envision, heal and most importantly, to just connect, without expectation, to the experience of the Sacred Dream Circles, feel the experience of them and feel the experience of who you are right NOW.

Peace and Blessings,

Zelda Hotaling
January 2018



2012 Winter Solstice Celebration

Winter Solstice 2015

Winter Solstice 2014

The Bridge: The Milky Way, The North Star and Orion's Belt

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Please note: No animals have been killed for the direct purpose of creating drums, rattles, bags, or other sacred objects.These are all made from recycled fibers of the earth such as hickory nut shells, wood pounder handles from previously fallen trees; and hides, shells, dew hoofs, or other sacred materials have been obtained from either hunters, or suppliers who recycle products from animals used for food. Most furs are "second-hand" products that I recycle from previously made garments that would otherwise be discarded or destroyed.

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